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Why can’t I control myself?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Do you think first and act later? Does it feel like the red mist takes over and you behave in a way you later regret? Schema Therapy is a psychotherapy that helps you begin to recognise your patterns of behaviour, learn where they came from and more importantly, change.

“Schema Therapy was originally developed for people who did not respond beneficially to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and required a therapy that went a little deeper and explored the childhood years comprehensively.”

In Schema Therapy you learn about your psychological mindsets and and behavioural patterns, we call these mindset patterns “Modes.” Schema Therapists believe that we all have Modes, it’s part of the human condition; we all have an Inner Child mode, an Inner Critic Mode, various Protector Modes (these modes can be perfectionistic or detached or avoidant or angry, the list could go on…) and a Healthy Adult mode. Sometimes life can be so hectic that our Healthy Adult mode doesn’t get a look in. We can flip between our different modes and this can lead to us feeling emotionally dysregulated, unable to control ourselves and as a consequence acting on impulse, and that’s where therapy can help.

In Schema Therapy we use a variety of methods to help you switch mindsets and below is an example of a tool to help you resist acting on impulse and manage strong feelings in a more adaptive way.

If you feel like you need some support to help you switch mindset and be the healthiest version of yourself, contact me to arrange a free telephone consultation and find out how Schema Therapy can help you.

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