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EMDR | Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing | Wilmslow

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What is EMDR?

“EMDR is a talking therapy that helps replicate the mind’s own natural ability to heal after a difficult or traumatic event.”

What happens during EMDR therapy?

A course of EMDR will consist of the following stages: 

-You and your therapist will discuss your experience.
-You will develop a shared understanding of the memories that are effecting you in the here and now.
-You will develop goals focussing on how you would like to benefit from therapy.
-You and your therapist will then develop strategies and tools to help you feel calm and in control when the memories are triggered. 
-You will then begin to store the memories away, so they don’t effect you as much.
-Finally, you and your therapist will build a moving forwards plan so you can continue to progress beyond therapy.

How does EMDR actually work?

“The way	I	explain	EMDR	(without	getting	too bogged	down	in	the	science)	is	that	the	 upsetting	memories	are	like	books	scattered	on	the	floor	of	your	long	term	memory.	
You	know	they’re	there	but	you	trip	over	them,	you	stub	your	toe	on	them and	they	cause	you	pain.
When	you	look	at	them,	as	hard	as	you	try,	you	can’t	put	them	away	because	when	you	go	near	them	you	feel	really	overwhelmed.

The	process	of	EMDR	helps	these	books	get	stored	away	in	one	of	the	many	bookcases	in	your long	term	memory.
This is done by recreating the eye movements that occur during our natural sleeping stages.
 This	means,	you	know	the	memories	are	there	but	they’re	no	longer	 causing	you	distress	in	your	day	to	day	life.”	

What can EMDR help with?

EMDR can treat:
-Complex grief
-Performance Anxiety

Does is work?

EMDR is a very well respected psychotherapy, it has a robust evidence base and is recommended by the NHS as being a first line treatment to help patients with trauma. It is also safe to use with children and young people.

How do I access EMDR?

Geraldine Claire provides EMDR from her office in Wilmslow, which centrally located and in easy reach of Macclesfield, Alderley Edge and Prestbury and she also provides EMDR online. 

To contact Geraldine, you can email her at:, phone or whatsapp her on 07908710526 or click here to contact her through this website.

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