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Do you know how you should be thinking but you can't seem to move past negative feelings and thinking patterns?


Have you already done a lot of work on yourself but somehow you fall back into old patterns?


Do you feel like your childhood experiences may be impacting on your current relationships?

Safe Space to talk

If you relate to the questions above, Schema Therapy can help, your past experiences no longer have to dictate your future. Within Schema Therapy there is a focus on processing and healing the past whilst shaping new healthy ways of coping and improving your relationship with yourself.

Who Would benefit from Schema Therapy?


Anyone who has tried talking therapies such as counselling, traditional psychotherapies and CBT but felt like these interventions have not had a long-term effect.  

Schema Therapy has a strong evidence base for treating BPD, Persistent Depression, Complex Trauma and Bulimia.


Geraldine Claire also finds Schema Therapy very beneficial for clients presenting with long-term low self esteem and body image difficulties.

What Happens in Therapy Sessions?


In your therapy sessions time will be spent to understand how your past has shaped the nuances of your personality and impacted your world view.  


Schema Therapy uses emotion focussed techniques such as memory work, imagery and chair work to help you understand and modify the parts of yourself that might be prone to self sabotage.

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