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As a rider you recognise the importance of paying absolute attention the health of your horse.  You work hard to ensure your horse feels physically comfortable, psychologically safe and emotionally content.

The work you put into your horse is matched by the pleasure you get from watching them develop and grow, and the deep understanding you have of their character.
You might enter and win competitions; explore new places on hacks and if you work with horses you get to see the joy they bring into the lives of others.


As fantastic as horse riding is, riders can experience a number of setbacks that can impact their own psychological health which can then negatively effect their relationship with riding.


“Whether you’re a happy hacker, or you compete at the highest levels, I can offer you psychological support to get you out of your head, reduce overthinking and support you to develop a positive attitude.”

What are the issues that can negatively impact riders:



  • Accidents and injuries can lead to a loss of confidence and some riders will also develop PTSD.

  • Feeling “flooded” with upsetting memories such as being on a horse who reared, bucked or bolted.

  • Fear of poor performance can lead to “being in your head.”

  • Focussing on feelings of worry can change how you behave when you ride.

  • Self criticism and shame as a result of overthinking feedback you have received from others.

  • Problems of attention - such as forgetting courses or getting easily distracted.

  • The loss of a horse; processing grief when we lose a horse or have to give up a horse.

  • Never good enough mindset - detrimentally comparing yourself to others.

“Reconnecting with a calm and confident mindset will provide you with a strong foundation to be the best rider you can be.”

How I can help:

At my Wilmslow Psychotherapy clinic, I offer psychological treatment specifically for horse riders.  Just like horses, people have their own individual quirks and therefore I use a range of therapeutic interventions to help you move on from the issues that are getting in the way of your riding.  The therapies that I find the most helpful are:



How your treatment will look:


  • You will be given a safe space to help you develop a deeper understanding of how your past experiences have impacted you.

  • You will learn how your body is responding to pressure and worry.

  • You will understand how your thoughts and feelings are impacting your behaviour.

  • We will develop techniques to help you build a much more positive mindset.

  • Any memories that are holding you back will be processed in session - this means they will not feel as visceral.

If you’re passionate about horses and riding, I can relate, contact me for a free consultation - 
email or telephone 07908710526.

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