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Coping With The Covid Lockdown

Right now we’re living through something no one on this planet has ever lived through before. It’s pretty strange and downright scary at times. You might feel panicked, irritable or even detached from reality; these are all normal responses to a crisis of this magnitude. If you are feeling increasingly pressured read on…

  1. Routine is your friend. Plan the times you want to get up and the times you will eat. Set some daily intentions and factor in key tasks to your morning, afternoon and evening. Having a regular routine will help stabilise your mood and sleep. Draw up a timetable or use a bullet journal

  2. Pick one trustworthy news source and limit the amount of time you’re spending reading/watching covid-19 reports. For example, BBC news check-in at 9am and 6pm

  3. Avoid immersing yourself into all the stories you can find on social media, you will need a mental break from all the news stories

  4. Try and get some fresh air. Whether it’s going out in the garden, on your balcony or simply standing outside your back door with your eyes closed, feeling the cold air and wind on your face. Even if it’s just for a few moments, the fresh air will help you feel more grounded and connected

  5. Immerse yourself in something different. Whether it’s a podcast, an audiobook or a playlist. Keep bringing your focus of attention back to what it is you’re listening to

  6. Don’t be scared of telling your friends and family that you need a break from talking about the virus. If you’re feeling that way the chances are that they probably are too

  7. Look after yourself by planning something Enjoyable, Achievable and Connecting (video calling/replying to messages) every day. Try and include some exercise to give yourself a natural serotonin boost

My amazing clients have agreed to share their tips for “Coping with Covid”:

  1. Try a new thing every day, like a class on YouTube

  2. Listening to a Disney Story podcast really helps me get to sleep at night

  3. When working from home, wearing work clothes and showering afterwards helps to wash the workday off

  4. The Wythenshawe Courtyard Facebook group is a really good follow – they have loads of different recipes that inspire me to bake

  5. Using my walk and trying to go somewhere different every day

  6. Getting dressed! Even when I feel like staying in my PJs

  7. I’ve been practicing lots of Radical Acceptance (blog post about this to follow!)

  8. I’ve been trying to think about what I’m grateful for

  9. Having regular Facetime chats with my friends once the kids are in bed

  10. Not putting pressure on myself to home school. I’m doing one topic with my little boy every day, just to keep his brain oiled

Huge thank you to my clients who have contributed!

Stay safe and if you would like to talk about how you can access therapy please Contact Me.

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