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Online Therapy

If you’re reading this because you’re curious about accessing online psychotherapy, you’ve come to the right blog.

You might be wondering: what is online therapy really like? Could I open up to someone who isn’t in the same room as me? Why should I choose online therapy?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider accessing your therapy online:

  1. Online therapy brings the healing to your home. Rather than experiencing a change to your thoughts and feelings in a therapy room you experience your own personal growth in your own environment. This is a really positive and powerful experience.

  2. Attending therapy online can make it easier to speak freely as you’ve got the comfort and familiarity of your own surroundings. Clients are often surprised at the ease with which they open up whilst receiving online therapy.

  3. Having therapy in your own home gives you a heightened sense of control and ownership over the session. This is great for developing your own insight and building confidence.

  4. You can find a specialist from anywhere in the world to suit your needs. For example, you might live in Cornwall but your online search for a therapist has led you to a practitioner in Cork – geography is no object!

  5. Online therapy can frequently lead to an increased feeling of anonymity allowing you to speak with a reduced sense of self-consciousness.

Online therapy can be a brilliant way of making long-lasting changes to your life. If you’re ready to take the first step of your therapy journey please contact me to book your free consultation.

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